It doesn't matter how much or how often you drink or use drugs, if you feel like you'd like to make some changes in your life, then there will always be support out there for you. 

Some people might want to change, reduce, control or totally stop their use. Whatever your goals are, there will be a service to help and guide you through the process.

For some people it can take a long time to get to a point that they would like to make some changes, it can be a hard process to reflect on your own behaviours and review your life and relationships. For others, it might not be that you lost friends or a job, it might just be that you want to drink a bit less, or reduce the amount of drugs you take.

Whatever your reasons are, reach out and get some support when you are ready.

Want to reduce your use?

What are triggers?

Get Support

Once you've worked out what you want to do, the first thing to do is to call for some professional support. Even just speaking to an online counsellor or seeing a drug and alcohol counsellor in person can be a huge help towards understanding your own pattern of use and the underlying reasons for that use. You can visit our GET SUPPORT page to get in touch with a local service.