5 tips for keeping the fun safe!


1. Check in with Friends

Looking out for each other is good party culture – so always check in with friends to see how they’re going and whether they’re okay. Appreciate it when they check in with us too. A simple ‘how’s it going’ or ‘how are you feeling’ goes a long way to make sure everyone is having fun.

2. Check in with the body

How’s the body feeling? Are the drugs kicking in yet? We might be more aware of body sensations like differences in our heartbeat, breath or temperature when we’re coming up. If it’s starting to go wobbly or it’s too intense, grab a friend and find somewhere to sit down and chill for a minute. It helps by starting with half of the usual dose because we get a sense of how we might be affected – and we can always take more later if it feels good.

Some drugs can make us feel nauseous, some can make us dehydrated and some can make us overhydrate without meaning to. Getting sweaty or having a dry mouth is a good reminder that it’s probably time to sip some water. If we’re taking MDMA – or anything with MDMA in it – and we’re feeling sluggish or confused after drinking a lot of water, having more might be the last thing we need. Basically, if it’s not feeling right or how we usually expect to feel from a drug we’ve taken, let someone know and take some time out.

It helps to keep track of how much stuff we’ve taken and how our body is reacting. If it’s all good, that’s great – but keep checking in every so often with what the body is telling us – and in some cases yelling. If we’re using G, write the time we took a dose on our arm or set a phone timer and wait at least two hours before deciding to take more.

Take into account any other drugs we may have taken. Some drugs can ruin our fun and be dangerous when taken together, so it’s always best to know what to avoid. Find out which drugs don’t work so well together.


3. Check in with the mind

Are we having fun? Do we feel comfortable? When we’re high, we might notice how we think differently, like being hyper-aware of our inner thoughts. Remember that drugs can alter our minds, so erratic thoughts can be a normal part of the experience – not the best part, but part of the process nonetheless.

Thinking influences how we feel, so check in with friends about how we feel. Maybe we need to move to a different part of the venue or to a new place? If our body and mind are both good, we probably are too. But if we’re feeling anxious, paranoid or unsafe, maybe it’s best to kick on at home or a friend’s.

4. Keep the peace

We’ve all got that one friend who wants to keep partying on and on – and while they’re fabulous, it can be hard to say no to them sometimes. But we don’t always need to take more to keep having a good time or keep up with someone else. If we’re happy doing our own thing and loving our vibe, then keep on doing that! It’s always okay to say no to taking more.

If we don’t want to have the conversation about taking more, we can head back to the dance floor, head to the bathroom or pretend to be on the phone doing something – being on a fake phone call has gotten me out of some tricky conversations, and they’ve always been Oscar-winning performances!


5. Helping Hands

No one wants the party to turn bad. But if a friend becomes unconscious and unresponsive, call 000 and ask for an ambulance. Paramedics are there to help and they won’t involve the police, even if someone’s on drugs. Help the paramedics by being honest about what a friend has taken so they can provide the right help. The Paramedics will only involve the police if they’re in danger, or if someone is a danger to themselves or others, so keep calm and follow their instructions. No one gets into trouble for doing the right thing.

The information given on this page is not medical advice and should not be relied upon in that way.