Partying can really put our body and mind through the wringer. If we want to be partying for years to come, a bit of planning and a lot of self-care can make a big difference to how we feel both physically and emotionally. These tips will help our body and mind keeping fit so that we can keep on partying.


When partying, our appetite is often suppressed and eating can become a much lower priority… in addition to this, alcohol and drugs can change the way that our body absorbs nutrients. We want our bodies to be adequately fuelled when partying, and for this to happen, we need to eat smart.  

The food that we choose to eat and when we choose to eat it (before, during or after a sesh), will play a big part in how our body and mind hold up when out on a bender and in the days to come. Don’t forget…our bodies need fuel before we party too, and it’ll thank us later! 

Food affects more than our physical health – it also affects the way we think and feel.  Our brains are sensitive to what we eat and drink, but importantly, some foods help our brain replace some of the chemicals that can be depleted when we’re having a sesh. Focus on eating healthy, balanced meals – if we’re not feeling hungry, consider snacking on a banana or some trail mix. If we’re feeling nauseous, try soup or some toast.  

Think about foods that are nutrient-rich, balanced, and easy to digest. Think about preparing a few healthy meals to have in the fridge to heat up in the days following the sesh as well… as this might prevent us from choosing unhealthy UberEats options post-party.  

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They say we need 8 hours of sleep each night, and while it’s hard to lock that down each night, the more sleep we get the more prepared our mind and body are when we head out to party. Getting the right amount of quality sleep will give us more energy, improve concentration and help us better deal with stress… Sleep patterns are one of the first things to be messed around by regular alcohol and drug use, so try some of these simple falling asleep techniques to get as much sleep as we can.


Just hearing the word exercise can make some of us shudder, and for others, it sparks endless discussions about the gym, routines and endorphins. Getting regular exercise is beneficial to our minds and our bodies, and no, dancing when off chops doesn’t count. The body likes us to exercise when we’re not using alcohol or drugs. Just be sure to give ourselves enough time to rest and sleep after partying before we jump into some rigorous exercise. Think about what drugs we’ve taken, their half-lives and how they impact us physically…last thing we want is to jump into a HIIT class too soon after partying and put too much strain on our already overworked heart!    

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Downtime is key. Intentionally setting aside time just to chill out and do low-energy activities that don’t require a lot of effort can be a great way to maintain a feeling of balance. If we take the time and focus on self-care then we will have put away some energy reserves for the next time we go out. Whatever gives our mind and body a break from the hectic aspects of life is going to support us in the long run – think about taking a bath, reading a book or trying meditation.  


It’s inevitable in the modern world that we are connected 24/7 to our phones, the internet and the TVs. But choosing to turn them off for a few hours to give ourselves a break from the doom scrolling, or the constant notifications, can be a great thing for our well-being and helps us de-stress and recover faster.

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Spending time with friends and chosen family helps ensure we are staying connected. Just make sure that these catch-ups are not centred on alcohol and drug use. Not everything can be focused on partying, and taking the time to invest in these relationships can help us feel connected and supported. Continued feelings of belonging and connectedness will help us feel grounded as we continue to party over time.


Similar to getting some downtime, everyone has their way of relaxing or destressing, whether that’s sitting down to listen to music, spending time playing with pets or going for a hike – whatever activity (whether it’s low energy or high intensity) that helps us get rid of any stress is sometimes what we need to feel grounded, refreshed and ready for another week. The same goes for partying. The less stressed we are, the better our minds and bodies are for the next big night out.   

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Over time, it can be hard to keep everything together and sometimes it can help to check in with someone. Chatting with a friend, a peer worker or a counsellor can help us work through our thoughts and what we are feeling. The importance of keeping our minds and emotions healthy cannot be underestimated. Our minds must be feeling right if we want to keep the party going.


Find a regular doctor that we can share with. While they don’t have to know everything, it helps if they know what we get up to. This way they can give us the right care and support if we rock up feeling physically or emotionally unwell


The information given on this page is not medical advice and should not be relied upon in that way.