Hey there, thrill-seekers! Before diving into drug use and the party scene, let’s take a step back and think about pre-planning. We’ve put together some tips that make drug use safer, reduce potential risks and keep the party going.



TL:DR: Go shopping before you start partying.

Before diving headfirst into the neon-lit dance floor, ensure you’ve fueled up with a hearty meal. It’s giving energy vibes and you’ll be able to party for longer. Trust us, regardless of whether you’re planning for a one-night extravaganza or a weekend-long bash, giving your body some quality grub is like handing it a golden ticket. Plus, you’ll be doing yourself a solid favour because, let’s face it, partying can seriously zap your appetite.

Some folks like to partake in a little ‘green therapy’ to unwind and relax after a night out. When the munchies kick in, having a well-stocked fridge is your late-night saviour, as it’ll help you conquer those cravings and nourish your body.



Trust is key when stocking up on party treats – it’s like finding a dance partner who knows all the moves. Stick with reputable sources or rely on recommendations from your trustworthy crew. You never know the deal with the party favours of dance floor strangers.

However, even with connections you consider fam, surprises can happen. Think of it like this: you’re ready to bust out your best dance moves, but you might end up couch-bound or even accidentally exploring alternate dimensions (we’re lookin’ at you, k-hole)! Substances can sometimes be mixed with unexpected ingredients, leaving you with a different groove than you anticipated.

Fear not party pros! Drug testing kits, courtesy of the legends at Drug Policy Australia, will help you identify what your party treats are made up of.

A good night is all about finding the right rhythm – and it’s a process. Start off with half a pill, a modest bump, or a half dose of your usual G. This helps you find your groove without diving in too hard. Remember, you can always crank up the volume and take more, but once it’s in your system, you can’t press rewind.



We’re all about the dazzling lights, infectious beats, and the euphoric dance of a night out. But guess what? Striking that perfect balance between work, life, and play is the key to keeping your groove on point. Some well-defined boundaries can act as your trusty guide. Whether it’s drawing the line on your spending spree, pinpointing the right dosage and type of party favours, or knowing when it’s time to call it a night – these limits are your secret sauce to maintaining the ultimate party-life equilibrium.

Now, don’t fret. Occasionally testing the waters beyond your limits isn’t the end of the world – after all, we’re here to chase those good times. But, if you find yourself straying past your boundaries more often than your dance moves, it might be time for a little self-check. Are you building up a party tolerance or relying on those sweet substances a tad too much? Maybe chat with a mate about it?

If you feel like you need a helping hand to navigate this conversation we’ve got your back! Check out our Support section to uncover the wizards who specialise in guiding you through the twists and turns of your party journey.

Remember, it’s all about keeping the party spirit alive while making sure you’re the one steering the ship.



We know that when it comes to painting the town red, being ready for anything is the name of the game. Whether you’re aiming to catch someone’s eye or just keeping your options open, a little preparedness goes a long way. Pack your must-haves in a bag before you hit the party scene. Think condoms, PrEP, and any necessary HIV meds or hormones, especially if you’re in for a long sesh.

We’re all about arming you with knowledge, even about your meds. Our guide spills on how certain HIV meds mix with party favours, and how hormones mix with party favours too. Stay informed – your health and happiness always come first!

Now, let’s get real about consent. When the drinks are flowing or the high is taking you places, understanding those consent cues can sometimes be like mastering an intricate dance routine. We’re here to guide you through the steps of getting it right. Learn about informed consent, and ensure that every step you take aligns with both your desires and your partner’s.



Text the Effects is a free and anonymous SMS service run by the Australian Drug Foundation that quickly and easily provides confidential information about drug effects. Simply text the name of any drug (including slang names) to 0439 835 563 for an automated reply.

You’ll get information about the effects of the drug, how long it might last, what an overdose looks like, tips to reduce your risk, and mixing it with other drugs. This service is only available in Australia.



Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to the party essentials you’re bringing along for the ride – it’s the ultimate move. Imagine this: you and your squad are about to play a game of volleyball (stick with me here), but you start kicking the ball like it’s AFL. What gives they ask? Here’s the scoop – by cluing in your friends about your party choices, they’re better equipped to notice if something is off. If you’re feeling the effects a little differently or just vibing in an unexpected way, then they’ve got your back and can steer you towards a safe space.

Now, let’s talk emergency mode. If the unexpected happens and you need a helping hand, that’s where your squad becomes your ultimate lifeline. Your friends can tell the paramedics about what you’ve taken. Straight-up facts – the paramedics are here for your well-being, not to rain on your parade. They won’t call the police unless there’s a direct safety concern – like if someone is going to hurt themselves or others. So, never hesitate to dial 000 in an emergency, especially if you’ve got a friend who’s unconscious and unresponsive. It’s a no-brainer – make that call and let the pros handle the rest.

The information given on this page is not medical advice and should not be relied upon in that way.