6 tips to make the most of the party!

1. Get Our Food On!

We should eat a decent meal before we start partying. We may not feel like eating the next day, or if we’re having a big one, it might be a few days before we get something in our stomach. The body will thank us for nourishing it, and it’ll give us the strength and energy we need to enjoy the party for longer. Plan ahead and have the fridge stocked with food, so that it’s all set when we get home. Microwave meals or fruit can be quick and easy wins here.


2. Look For The Good Gear!

Buying from a trusted dealer or someone we know is better than buying from a random stranger in a club. It’s best to stick with people we know or that our friends know. If they’ve bought from someone before or know someone who sells quality stuff, it’s better to go with that option.

Even if we buy from someone we know, it’s not a guarantee that the drugs will be any good. We can’t always be sure of the strength or what else is in it. We’ve all been there, right? Expecting to be dancing the night away only to be sinking into both a couch and a k-hole. Sometimes drugs are cut with other substances we might not expect and can have a different effect.

Drug testing kits are available from Drug Policy Australia to test what’s in our drugs and make sure they’re not dangerous.

One way of testing the strength is by trying just a little bit. Take a quarter of a pill, a small bump or half the usual G dose to start with. We can always take more, but we can’t take less once it’s in our body.


3. Set Limits!

When it comes to a good night out, set limits for spending, the amount and type of drugs we’ll take and when it’s time to call it a night. Putting limits in place helps keep our work, life and party balance in check.

Pushing beyond our limits now and then isn’t the end of the world – sometimes, we’re just having fun and want to keep the good times going. But if we’re pushing past our limits more often than not, this could be a sign we’re developing a tolerance or relying on it more to have a good time than we used to. It’s not necessarily a problem, but it’s worth chatting with a friend or a professional drug and alcohol counsellor. The aim is to check we’re still feeling in control and okay with using drugs. Check out the Support section for who can help.


4. Getting Sexy!

Are we looking to hook up? Even if we don’t think it’s going to happen it’s better to be prepared right? Pack whatever we need in a bag before we head out, especially if we’re partying over the weekend. Think about condomsPrEP or HIV meds.

We’ve also compiled a list of HIV medications that can have negative interactions with particular drugs.

Consent is always crucial, and when we’re drunk or high, the lines of consent can be trickier to navigate. Learn more about getting consent right when using drugs and alcohol.

5. Text The Effects!

Text the Effects is a free and anonymous SMS service run by the Australian Drug Foundation that quickly and easily provides confidential information about drug effects. Simply text the name of any drug (including slang names) to 0439 835 563 for an automated reply.

We’ll get information about the effects of the drug, how long it might last, what an overdose looks like, tips to reduce our risk, and mixing with other drugs. This service is only available in Australia.


6. Tell Me Everything

It’s best to share with friends exactly what we’re taking. It means that they know if we’re acting strange or if the drugs are affecting us differently than usual. It also helps if something goes wrong. If our friends can tell the paramedics what we’ve taken then we’ll get the right support and care. This goes both ways – encourage friends to tell us what they’ve taken as well.

Paramedics won’t involve the police unless there is a direct threat to their safety – never hesitate to call 000 in an emergency, especially if someone is unconscious and unresponsive.

The information given on this page is not medical advice and should not be relied upon in that way.