Figuring out whether your drug use is edging into concerning territory can feel like a puzzle. Where’s the line between harmless fun and something more? Who decides what’s too much? With everyone’s unique experiences, it’s handy to pause, reflect, and gauge if it’s starting to impact your life in unexpected ways.


Unpacking how drugs might be influencing your life becomes easier with these straightforward questions. There’s no judgment here, so answer honestly:

Reflecting on the past 6 months:

  1. Has someone voiced worries about your alcohol and drug use?
  2. Have you fibbed to a loved one about your drug use?
  3. Did you miss work due to being high or in a post-drug haze?
  4. Have you chosen solitude over socialising when using or recovering from drugs?
  5. Did you sacrifice everyday essentials (like groceries or fuel) to buy drugs?
  6. Did you need more of a substance to achieve the same effect?
  7. Have you found yourself wanting to use drugs more times throughout the day?
  8. Have you tried to reduce or stop using but felt you weren’t able to?
  9. Have you experienced any withdrawal symptoms when not using drugs?
  10. Have you blacked out, forgetting parts of the night due to drug use?

Tally up your “yes” answers.

Examining the impact of your drug use on your life can be tricky. Not everyone who dabbles with drugs needs to fret, but for some, concerns arise. Acknowledging that you might need assistance or want to take action is perfectly okay. This could mean confiding in someone about how drugs are shaping your life or seeking strategies to minimise their influence. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

A plethora of support services is available to aid you on this path. For a deeper dive into how your drug use might be weaving into your life, check out the anonymous online tool provided by the Australian Drug Foundation. This tool can help illuminate your journey toward a more balanced relationship with drugs.

The information given on this page is not medical advice and should not be relied upon in that way.