Welcome to an enlightening journey through the world of wired play, where pleasure meets responsibility. In this guide, we’re peeling back the layers of wired play, offering invaluable tips to ensure safety and satisfaction for you and your partners. Yes, we might cringe a bit at the terms like “sex partners,” “fuckbuddies,” and “lovers,” but hey, let’s dive in with an open mind



Wired play is the term often used to describe the intersection of alcohol, drugs, and sexual experiences. You might have come across various expressions for it on hookup apps like PnP, WIR3D, 💨 or ❄️. But to keep it simple, we’re encompassing all forms of sex involving alcohol and drugs under the umbrella of wired play.



Why do people choose wired play? Well, it’s like turbocharging pleasure. Think about it – alcohol and drugs can elevate sensations and confidence, extending the thrill of sex. From busting inhibitions to finding connection, wired play has its reasons. It can give us sexual freedom, keep us going for longer and even nudge us to explore our sexual activities.

But it’s not all about the wild ride; it can also be a tool for coping, wanting to fit in with the cool kids or feeling connected to something, and embracing our identity.



Curious about the substances in the mix? Any drug, including alcohol, can be part of wired play, but in the realm of gay men’s communities, meth and G (or both) often take the stage. Remember, mixing drugs can be as tricky as a game of chess, so it’s wise to understand their interactions. Discover more about this in our Mix and Match section.


Sure, wired play is a thrill, but like any adventure, it comes with risks. As with any drug or alcohol use, dangers lurk, especially when combined with intimate moments. The degree of risk varies based on factors like the substances involved, duration, company, and setting.



There are several ways to navigate the risks linked to wired play, and the below tips will get you ready to embrace wired play with confidence, armed with knowledge and awareness.

Communication is key when it comes to wired play. Knowing the substances your partner is using and vice versa can be a game-changer. So, before things heat up, have an open chat about what’s in the mix. This way, if things take an unexpected turn and help is needed, paramedics can be informed about what’s been taken, ensuring the best care.

Keep in mind that certain drug combos can be a wild card, while others create a harmonious blend. Being informed about potential interactions is crucial – you can find more insights on this in our Mix and Match section. Stay safe, stay informed, and keep the good times rolling

Let’s talk about informed consent – a crucial aspect of wired play. It’s all about being on the same page and having the freedom to say yes, no, or change your mind without any pressure. Consent serves as a protector of our boundaries, emotions, and decisions, ensuring a respectful and safe experience.

Now, here’s where it gets real: incorporate consent into the mix. Keep the communication flowing by checking in with your partner(s) throughout the encounter. It’s like keeping tabs on each other’s comfort zones and ensuring everyone’s on board.

But here’s the deal-breaker: If someone’s under the influence of alcohol or drugs to a point where they can’t give clear and conscious agreement, informed consent is off the table. So, let’s make sure every step is a conscious choice, guaranteeing a pleasurable and responsible wired play journey.

Read more about consent when taking drugs.

Ready to dive into uncharted waters? Ready to push those boundaries a bit? Well, hold on tight because communication is your compass! Exploring something new? Let your partner in on the plan. It’s like giving them a heads-up to ease into things and take it slow, especially if it’s your first rodeo. Remember, nobody conquered Everest on their maiden attempt.

If anything feels a tad off or uncomfortable, hit pause and regroup. And speaking of breaks, they’re your best friends. After hours of fun, your body might appreciate a breather, even if you’re not feeling it right then. Oh, and for those marathon sessions, keep the lube within arm’s reach – after all, keeping everything smooth and happy is a priority we can all agree on!

In the heat of the moment, sexual health and protection should never take a backseat. Keep condoms, gloves, and dams close by. And if barebacking is on the table, arm yourself with knowledge about HIV prevention, from condoms to PrEP and undetectable viral load.

Before you jump into wired play, consider your surroundings. Whether it’s a private place or a public setting, know the risks associated with each. Inform someone about your whereabouts for that extra layer of security.

If we’re heading to a beat, think about the ways that we can keep our stuff and ourselves safe by checking out Down an’ Dirty.

If injecting is your thing, ensure you have clean needles to avoid risks. Dispose of equipment thoughtfully, and invest in a pocket needle container. And if you’re exploring G, make sure you’ve got a plunger and wrap some sticky tape around it so the measurements don’t wear off after a few charges.

Before the action begins, have an honest chat with your partner about boundaries. Setting limits on alcohol, drugs, and bedroom activities keeps you in control. And don’t hesitate to slow down or opt-out if you feel uncomfortable – it’s all about your pace.

It’s also totally cool to slow down or stop using alcohol and drugs in the middle of a play session, just because others around you are taking more doesn’t mean you have to keep up with them.

The information given on this page is not medical advice and should not be relied upon in that way.