If you're planning a big one, it can help to think ahead and put in place some plans so that your fun remains fun and doesn't turn sour. This can be about how you feel physically or mentally, how you treat others, what situations you end up in and even what goes on after you stop partying.

This section will explore some key strategies and handy hints around looking after yourself before you party.

Talk about it


Pink Floyd sang all about it... Money

  • Sometimes having access to money can tempt you more than you need. It can help to stick to your financial and partying limits by only taking enough money for what you need, with some left over for a cab to get home and to leave your card at home. This means you can plan ahead, think about the kind of night or weekend you want and budget accordingly.
  • If you think that even carrying a bit of cash on you could bring out your Midnight Cowboy, then maybe consider giving your money to a trusted friend who you are going to party with and telling them what your limits are.

Eat, eat eat

Patti Smith was fierce about it... Eat, eat eat

  • If you're going out, make sure you eat a big meal before you leave the house. You will thank yourself later.
  • If you think your one night out could turn into a weekend or even longer, maybe prepare some other meals so you can come home to a full fridge of ready made meals and other nutritiuous goodies that will help with the comedown and help to restore your physical and mental health.

Miley, what's good?

Nikki Minaj asked Miley Cyrus about it... What's Good?

  • If you're planning to use drugs, make sure you know what you're taking. It helps to ask the person you're buying off if they have had some and what it was like.
  • You can also ask if it is the same as the stuff you've bought before. It's good to apply a bit of quality control because you're putting it into your precious body and you want to try and reduce the harm that either a bad batch could do, or one that is stronger than expected where you end up taking more than you bargained for.
  • Another way to make sure you are taking something good and not going to do yourself unneccesary harm, is to try a little bit first. For example, if you are using Meth, don't slam or smoke the whole point at once, have a little but first. You never know what you're really buying and it could be cut with some not so good stuff.

Manic Monday

The Bangles knew what was up with... Manic Monday

  • Another great thing to plan for sometimes, especially if you're planning a huge weekend is to schedule Monday off in advance to recover.
  • You don't want to keep calling in sick on a Monday and let it impact your job. It's really important to keep things in check and stay focussed on your job and to stay employed.
  • Consider limiting how many work days you miss as this could be a sign that your drug or alcohol use is becoming a problem.

Let's Talk About Sex

Salt-N-Pepa were all about it... Let's Talk About Sex

  • If your party is looking like it will involve sex, then it's always good to be prepared. 
  • If you fit into the category of Men who have sex with other Men (MSM), which includes trans men, then carry some condoms on you. Also if you don't already know about it, get onto PrEP.
  • Going to Party and Play? (PNP) – set your limits before you party. 
  • What kind of sex do you want to be having? Do you trust the people you're playing with?
  • Who are you playing with and have you negotiated consent, safety, boundaries and safe words?
  • Do you know your play partners sexual health status? Talk about it. 
  • Have an idea of the kind of play everyone is up for and only do what you enjoy.
  • Set up a plan to wind it down at some point, to give your body a rest. Long fuck sessions on Meth can really impact your body and health and sometimes even push past your limits and boundaries.

Let's Have a Kiki

The Scissor Sisters werked hard for it..... Let's Have a Kiki

  • If you are planning to party, then it's important to also plan for when you're gonna stop partying and when you are going to chill out.
  • How are you going to do this? It's best to not do it alone, so maybe plan to hang with some friends who you trust. It's always better to be around some people who are going to respect each and look out for each other. Because when coming down, you could be really tired and out of it.
  • Do all those good things for yourself when the party stops. Eat, drink water or cups of tea, shower, and plan to rest.

If you're going to be chilling out with some people where sex could be involved, are people able to consent? If someone is affected by alcohol or drugs to the point where they cannot conciously and verbally consent to sexual activity, then that is downright sexual assault.

And let's hear it from the Scissor Sisters.