Has your use of drugs or alcohol gotten out of hand? Would you know what the warning signs were? If you can’t stop or you won’t stop, even if you know that drugs and alcohol are causing you harm – then you might want to start by checking your use with a simple online screen. 

Screening tools are a form of quick self-assessment. Set as a series of simple questions, screening tools help to quantify the level to which drugs and alcohol have impacted your life. So you can work out if your big weekend was in fact just a big weekend and not months or even years of chronic drug and alcohol use.

What are the signs?

What are the signs that your alcohol or drug use might be turning into a problem?

What to Expect

An online screen should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Participation in self-assessments such as a screen is strictly voluntary. You can choose to not participate or you can stop at any time. It’s not a high school English assignment and nobody is going to grade you on it. It’s a simple tool, used to aid people in seeing the impact that drug and alcohol use is having on their life and that of family and friends. Your information is not stored anywhere, nobody is trying to capture your personal data or details. 

It’s really important to try and be honest when filling these in, so you can get a more accurate assessment of your alcohol or drug use. We know it can sometimes be hard to admit just how much you have drunk or used, but it’s best to be real with yourself, especially if you want to get some help.

Self Assessment

DirectLine is a subsidiary organisation of Turning Point – dedicated to servicing the needs of rural and regional Victorians. 

A free, 24/7 counselling service for people using alcohol & other drugs, their family members and friends – Counselling Online has a self-assessment covering not only drug and alcohol use but compares mental health and wellbeing indicators against the tool for comprehensive feedback on an individual’s current level of drug and alcohol use. 

SayWhen provides information and resources to help you make decisions about your drinking, whatever those decisions might be. And if you decide you'd like to make a change, SayWhen can help you get started. 

CALD People

Turning Point have also developed a self assessment tool designed to create pathways between alcohol and drug treatment programs for people with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

A structured mental health and substance misuse intervention using Indigenous specific content. Designed for use on mobile devices as a component of the e-Mental Health in Practice (eMHPrac) Project. 

Stay Strong is used in youth, community and primary care services across Australia to address the needs of ATSI drug and alcohol users.

Young People

Just Ask Us was developed to assist tertiary students find information and seek help for a mental health or alcohol and other drug problem.

Working it Out with YoDAA Tool helps you work out where you're at with your drug and alcohol use. You will get feedback along the way and personalised outcomes at the end.