Sexual Health

Fucking safely is the only way to reduce your risk of contracting HIV or avoiding it's ownard transmission. Knowing your HIV status and is the first step in reducing risk. If you’re needing some peace of mind so that you can fuck with glorious abandon then consider how PrEP, an undetectable viral load (UVL) or condoms will work in the mix!

If your choice is to fuck without including PrEP, UVL or condoms then consider using other practices, known as risk reduction strategies to preserve the sexual health and wellbeing of yourself and your lovers.  It’s important to note that Risk Reduction Strategies are used to reduce the risk of HIV - not eliminate it. Each option will have a varying degree of effectiveness and this effectiveness is based on specific conditions. These are not fail safes.  


PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. PrEP is a prevention method in which people who do not have HIV take medication in order to remove the risk of HIV transmission. 

BENEFITS: So far the numbers are looking pretty good for PrEP. There are millions of people on PrEP around the world and less than a handful of people who have become positive when taking PrEP. It's also a great consideration for serodiscordant couples.

WATCH OUT FOR: All the other STIs. PrEP is not some sexual health miracle force field. It’s not going to stop you from getting The Clap or Syphilis so be mindful and continue to test with regularity.


The effectiveness of using HIV medications as PrEP has now been established through clinical trials in MSM, heterosexual adults, trans women and injecting drug users. PrEP may be a consideration for those people in populations who are higher risk - like MSM with multiple partners having frequent condomless sex.


You can get PrEP from your GP. Not many doctors will know about it though so speaking with a doctor who knows about sexual health can help. Find out more about how to access PrEP and which doctors across Australia are already prescribing it from PrEP Access Now


The practice of partners with different HIV status who decide not to use a condom based on the viral load of the HIV positive partner.

BENEFITS: Large scale clinical studies have shown that when a HIV positive person has an undetectable viral load that the chances of him passing on HIV are zero! This means that having condomless sex with someone who is certain that their viral load is undetectable reliminates the risk of contracting HIV. It is the most effective way of preventing HIV!

WATCH OUT FOR: Even if you or your partner has an undetectable viral load, fucking without a condom will increase the chance of transmitting other STI’s such as gonorrhea, syphilis or HEP C so keep getting tested regulalry. 


This one is likely to be way sexier in practice than it sounds but strategic positioning is the decision to either Top or Bottom, depending on your HIV status. It operates on the theory that if you’re fucking without condoms and you’re a Top, then your risk of HIV transmission is lower than that of the Bottom.

BENEFITS: In theory it is more effective than withdrawal on decreasing the risk of HIV transmission.

WATCH OUT FOR: HIV is present in anal mucous. Tops can still get HIV by the virus entering the bloodstream through the urethra. PrEP and condoms are the only safeguards.

Check out Top2Bottom for more information.


The practice of engaging in condomless sex with people who have the same HIV status as you. It’s a given then that serosorting will only be effective if you know your HIV status and that of your partner. This means regular HIV and STI testing because just assuming is not enough.

BENEFITS: Serosorting allows you to fuck without a condom if you’re certain of your partner's HIV status.

WATCH OUT FOR: It’s impossible to know if a casual fuck is HIV negative or HIV positive. In fact, transmission of HIV often happens when someone thinks that they are negative when in fact they are not. In addition, serosorting doesn’t protect you from catching any number of other STIs so keep regular testing as part of the equation!

Find out more at Top2Bottom


Pulling out before coming is NOT a reliable way to reduce the risk of fucking without condoms. This is because:

  • Pre-cum (the fluid that leaks from the tip of the penis during stimulation) can also contain HIV and can pass it on long before anyone has come.
  • The guy doing the fucking may accidentally come before he has a chance to withdraw.
  • A casual sex-partner may not honour an agreement to pull out before he comes.

If you’re fucking without condoms, just because the top doesn’t cum, that doesn’t mean that the bottom couldn’t pass on HIV to the top if he’s HIV-positive. HIV can pass from the bottom’s arse into the top’s cock via the opening at the tip of the cock or through the skin of the cock through tiny cuts or abrasions caused by friction during fucking.


A relationship agreement between HIV-negative partners who know their status (and their partners) and agree to regular testing, discuss any risk and minimise additional by using condoms when fucking outside of the primary relationship. 

And if this if your strategy, then make sure you both get tested every 3 months.